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Computer Games

Do Freemason play computer games? Well...., yes, of course, Freemasons are just like everyone else. We work hard to better ourselves through the work we do, but we are also good at having fun.

Tetris in 3D

This is a 3D version of the classic tetris game. The blocks are indeed 3-dimensional objects. The game improves imagination and is very addictive!

The rules are simple: use QAWSED⇦⇧⇨⇩ keys to rotate and move the Block and SPACEBAR to release it into the Well.

The goal is to clear the Well until there are just a few Cubes left at the bottom of the Well.

Choose your setup:
Hard: 7 ✕ 7 ✕ 12
Balanced: 7 ✕ 7 ✕ 12
Wide Hard: 9 ✕ 9 ✕ 12
Wide Balanced: 9 ✕ 9 ✕ 12
Easy: 7 ✕ 7 ✕ 12
Very Easy: 7 ✕ 7 ✕ 12
Big Well: 11 ✕ 11 ✕ 14
Horizontal: 11 ✕ 7 ✕ 8
Narrow: 4 ✕ 4 ✕ 10
Very tight: 3 ✕ 3 ✕ 12
Extreme: 2 ✕ 2 ✕ 12

Hiram Abif's Artefact

Don't expect the Hiram Abif's Artefact game to disclose any Masonic secrets. It is based on an allegory, not a moment in history.

However, the game does have several Masonic themes or influences. In particular:
  • It promotes learning and self-improvement, which is what Freemasonry is all about.
  • It teaches a long-forgotten skill of performing calculations on a stick.
  • It teaches mathematics, one of the liberal arts and sciences, which Freemasons, indeed, are encouraged to practice.
  • The story-line references ancient times, which has a lot to do with our tradition of using historical moments of impart lessons.
  • Knight Templars - though no longer in existence - are referenced as a separate order in Freemasonry.
  • It touches on the topic of alchemy which was an influence in the time of the Enlightenment when Freemasonry was being developed.
  • Nicolaus Copernicus, who appears in the game, is the thematic patron of our Lodge.
  • The game requires patience and discipline of mind - something that is practiced in Freemasonry.
The game has been constructed using Mozilla's Firefox browser. It will also work on Google's Chrome. Use the link below to proceed to the game.

The Hiram Abif's Artefact game.